Vision & Values | Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

Vision & Values


We at Vista believe in serving.  The culture of the company was encouraged by ownership and is now in the capable hands of the employees.  Our employees feel empowered and are given tools to succeed in all that they do.  Through the support of each other, our team is able to offer world class service to their customer.  Our goal is documented in our mission statement:  To glorify God by passionately pursuing excellence as we bring light to our customers and employees.

The mission statement can only be accomplished if we do what we say that we do as a company.  Who do we say we are?  We are Driven by Passion, have a Positive Attitude, Do the right thing by God, treat each other as Family, and Simply Get It Done.  We strive to attain to these values and these values drive who we are.

Tod E. Tieszen | President