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Termination and Crimp Verification

You've made it through all the catalogs, found the electrical components that meet all your design and application criteria.  With the right specifications and safety features it is, in short, the perfect product.  Don't get too excited yet.  If the terminal isn't crimped onto the wire correctly you can forget about the hard work you put into selecting the right components.  There are many different crimping problems that can reduce the reliability of your product, but Vista is here to help.                           

Vista has invested both capital and training to achieve a higher quality standard for our customers.  Our crimping processes include a crimp monitor, crimp cross sectioning and inspection station and pull tester.  We can also provide a Terminal Verification Report (TVR) to certify that all of our crimps meet our customer's specifications.  Our QMS processes require validation at setup of each product and throughout the manufacturing process.
The crimp is often viewed as a major warranty item and Vista sees the crimp as a vital component of most electrical parts.  Without the ability to monitor the crimping process, wires could be pulled from the terminals or the insulation crimp could be poor, causing the terminal to not seat properly in the housing causing an issue in the field.

Ask your Vista representative today about the crimping services that Vista offers to ensure your product leaves the manufacturer's floor with zero crimp failures.