Electrical Engineer | Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

Electrical Engineer

Vista is looking for an Electrical Engineer to manage projects from concept through production.  This will include interfacing with customer and other team members to develop and manufacture world class lighting systems and applications.  These activities are accomplished with full cooperation and input from marketing and management personnel to achieve not just customer acceptable products, services and support, but improved, innovative and superior versions of those products, services and support.  A bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited institution is required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be a team player and good problem solver with the ability to identify and meet deadlines
  • Enjoys a challenge and has good communication skills
  • Capable of designing and developing customer specific lighting applications with little input
  • Develop test plans to evaluate function and projected life of products
  • Pays attention to details and able to summarize program status and updates to customers and Vista management
  • The Engineer shall exhibit competency in both 2D and 3D CAD/CAM software as necessary for his/her project load
  • Create detailed drawings of designs for communication to suppliers and customers   
  • Communicate and guide suppliers on proper assembly and testing of product
  • Assist sales and management if identifying new products and applications
  • Work with customers developing specific applications and offering advice
  • Must be competent is Excel, Word and PowerPoint application software
  • The Engineer shall exhibit familiarity with basic statistical terms and practices and be able to apply and professionally present the results of those terms and practices
  • Must be innovative and considered an expert in their field by keeping up with recent new developments and always seeking ways to increase their knowledge
  • Able to travel to customer locations for support and assistance


This Position Reports To: ENGINEERING MANAGER