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Lighting Accessories

Holding Fixtures/Clip

Clips for holding a variety of linear lighting products.

Designed for our waterproof Flexi-tape products.

For a secure mounting and a finished look.

Available for applications that require a rigid mounting.

Clip for holding LKL and LFL lighting.  Available in standard and 45 degree application.

For holding Vista’s round lighting products.

Used to encase Vista’s square lighting products

Vista offers Versa Glow Channel for a secure mounting and a finished look

Lighting Controls

Vista's low voltage Light Dimmer makes it possible to dim interior lights to a comfortable level...

Remote control (RF) Especially designed for controlling RGB LEDs. 

This 6-key RGB panel controller is used for controlling a variety of LED lighting products....

Ask about TCB; Vista's uniquely designed protective diode package, protecting LED's from voltage...

Power Supplies

A Buck & Boost Transformer is an insulating transformer with either a 120 V x 240 V primary...

Class 2 hard wire applications

Class 2 power supplies for plug in applications


Vista can install a wide range of connecting products on your lighting products....

Flexi-Tape Connectors: Connecting our standard Flexi-Tape products quickly and easily.