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Medallion Linear


Sleek high intensity LED task lighting in 2 different package styles!

Product Details

  • Sleek, bright, high intensity LED lighting in an attractive linear, plug and play package 
  • Ideal for many applications - it has 2 styles, 3 lengths/lumen outputs and 3 colors. 
  • Pick either the aluminum case for a clean modern look, or the all-white lens and case for a more traditional look.
  • Choose your brightness by selecting one of 3 lengths: 42, 72 or 144 super brilliant LEDs
  • Available with warm white LED, natural white LEDS or cool white LEDs. 
  • Customize your desired lighting impact by choosing either a clear lens for maximum impact, or soften the look with a milky white diffusing lens
  • Easy installation
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt with 24V UL approved

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