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Complete Guide to LED Tape Lighting

Complete Guide to LED Tape Lighting


An LED tape light, also known as LED strip lighting or flexi-tape, is a powerful lighting solution that is designed on a flexible circuit board. It can be placed almost anywhere because of its ability to incorporate enclosures that protect components with various IP Ratings. Additionally, this controllable lighting option comes in a variety of colors and levels of brightness and can feature innovative technology such as Bluetooth® and uniquely programmed addressable capabilities.

In this article, we’ve made it easy for engineers and designers to quickly compare the value, usability, and durability of LED tape lighting.

Cost- and time-saving features of LED tape lighting.

Designers and engineers prefer the use of LED tape lights because they are durable, flexible, have a low profile, and are customizable—making it easier to complete projects on time and on budget. Here are seven features of tape lighting that will make planning your next lighting project easier.

Versa Trim
Cut to Length

Tape lighting, such as Flexi-Tape, allows you to freely design your project without worrying about space requirements because it can be ordered in rolls or cut to just about any length. 


LED tape lights are durable and flexible—allowing light to be added to places previously thought inaccessible.

Low Profile

These LED light strips typically are thinner than they are wide, can be installed in many tight spaces, and can easily be hidden from view.

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Color Options

LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors, brightnesses, and programmable sequences. Additionally, utilizing Bluetooth technology, you can give your customers master control over their lighting—providing millions of color options to choose from.


Innovative LEDs can be dimmed and are compatible with most types of dimmers—giving customers complete control over lighting options.


Environmental protection is added to many tape lighting solutions ranging from IP20 to IP68.  This provides protection from dust, water, and more. 


Our in-house designers and engineers will partner with you to customize LED tape light solutions for your project to include custom colors, lengths, color rendering index (CRI), width, voltage, brightness, and more.

IP65 Flexi-Tape

You only need three to four components to create controllable, functional lighting that will stand out in the marketplace.

To take full advantage of the functionality and durability of LED tape lighting, you would need:

You can find a full catalog of LED tape lighting solutions by clicking here.

Choosing the right LED tape lighting solution can help you meet project deadlines, become more cost-efficient, and provide powerful lighting in tight spaces. If you have any questions regarding which product best fits your project needs or would like to discuss a custom lighting solution, please contact us

When you choose Vista as your lighting partner, you’re adding the expertise of our lighting professionals, engineers, and designers to your team!

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