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LED Lighting Products: Ready-Made Brilliance or Custom Collaboration

At Vista, we understand that lighting is more than just illumination; it’s a strategic tool to elevate your projects and achieve your vision. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of custom lighting solutions, from ready-made products to custom-tailored designs co-developed with you. This commitment to versatility is what we call the Vista Difference – a dedication to understanding your unique needs and exceeding your expectations.

Illustrating the Vista Difference in Action
Sample Case Studies

We illuminate spaces and brighten lives.  It’s our passion to bring light to the world by solving problems with excellence, and going the extra mile in our customer service. Our commitment to both ready-made excellence and innovation is evident in our collaborations with industry leaders:

Case Study 1
Grand Design Elevates RV Lighting with the Custom Vista Aurora

Challenge: Grand Design, a leading RV manufacturer, envisioned a unique lighting solution to complement the sleek, modern interior of their new luxury RV line. The standard white, circular Aurora light from Vista’s RV Lighting portfolio didn’t quite match their design aesthetic.

Vista Solution: Through the Vista Difference, our team collaborated closely with Grand Design to customize the Aurora light. We transformed it into a sophisticated black, square fixture, perfectly aligning with the RV’s interior design. Additionally, we incorporated features for easy mounting on the soft-touch ceiling, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

Results: The custom-designed Aurora light became a signature element in Grand Design’s new RV line, lauded for its style and functionality. The collaboration was even featured in a glowing review by RV magazine, highlighting the impact of innovative lighting design.

Case Study 2
Brunswick Sets Sail with Customized Draco Marine Lighting Solutions

Challenge: Brunswick, a renowned boat manufacturer, required marine lighting solutions specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. Their existing lighting lacked durability and didn’t provide optimal visibility in low-light conditions.

Vista Solution: Leveraging the Vista Difference, we meticulously customized the Draco light from our portfolio to meet Brunswick’s specific needs. We modified the housing with a special, corrosion-resistant material ideal for marine applications. Additionally, we replaced the standard white light output with a distinctive red hue, enhancing night-time visibility and maintaining safe navigation and optimal fishing conditions.

Results: The customized Draco lights provided superior durability and visibility, ensuring the safety and well-being of boat passengers and their catch. Brunswick was thrilled with the solution, resulting in a long-term partnership with Vista for all their future marine lighting needs.

Case Study 3
The Future of Lighting Innovation

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of lighting design. Currently, we’re developing a compelling range of LED lighting solutions for several customers seeing to transition from standard lighting to a completely custom design. The future of lighting innovation is bright.

The Vista Difference: Your Vision, Brought to Life

Let’s illuminate the path we take to transform your vision into a reality:

  • Connection: Our collaborative process starts with building a strong connection with you. We listen attentively to comprehend your specific challenges, goals, and the intricacies of your project. We prioritize genuine understanding over a sales pitch, ensuring we deliver the most effective lighting solution for you.
  • Exploration: Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and product specialists come together with you to explore and develop high-quality solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We believe in the power of collaboration to foster innovation and create lighting solutions that are truly exceptional.
  • Implementation: Once we’ve meticulously crafted the perfect solution, we ensure flawless implementation. Our designs and products, whether custom-made or chosen from our portfolio, are meticulously selected or created to address your specific needs and effectively solve your problems. Quality and precision are at the forefront of our implementation process.
  • Execution: As your trusted partner, we assist you in meticulously planning every aspect of the process, from ordering and inventory management to lead times and logistics. Our goal is to streamline these elements to perfectly align with your organization’s needs and objectives, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Vista: Illuminating Your Path to Success

Whether you seek the brilliance of our ready-made products or the beauty of a co-created solution, Vista is your partner in illumination. We are a leading innovative lighting company in the United States, crafting lighting solutions for a wide range of applications, including commercial lighting design, RV manufacturing, boat manufacturing, and interior lighting design. We are dedicated to providing solutions that perfectly fit your needs, elevate your projects, and empower you to achieve your goals.

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Vista brings light to the world by solving problems with excellence and going the extra mile in our customer service.

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