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Boat in the water at night lit up by LEDs.


Marine LED Lighting Guide

In this Marine LED Lighting Guide we’ve outlined the uses and benefits of three innovative lighting solutions. These solutions will help you complete your project on time and on budget.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, U.S. recreational marine expenditures reached over $56 billion in 2021. That’s over a 12% increase from the previous year.

This increased demand for boat ownership has allowed boat manufacturers to improve their products and grow their competitive advantage. An advantage that has helped them win in the marketplace.


Flexi-Tac’s Single and RGB lighting offers seven vibrant color outputs and customizable LED spacing options. Its built-in tab eliminates the need for a channel which leads to faster and easier installation.

Felix-Tac lighting allows for customization to boats and yachts, as well as added in-vessel visibility and navigation. The bright output provides increased visibility to evening fishing and boating excursions, when installed under gunnels and toe kicks.

The IP65 rating protects the light from dust ingress and low-pressure water jets. With a straightforward design and installation, the Flexi-Tac makes the perfect choice for LED lighting. You can install the light virtually anywhere on your boat or yacht. Even under gunnels, storage compartments, toe kicks, bar tops, and tables.

Versa Trim

Versa Trim strip LED light.

Versa Trim’s RGB lighting creates a bright, thin-diffused side-emitting LED glow for interior and exterior accent lighting.

Create a beautiful and unique look for any vessel with the Versa Trim. Give your customers onboard navigation assistance with courtesy lighting throughout the boat or yacht. This LED light makes a classic addition to seating, bar tops, and tables, adding luxury and safety to your customers’ boating experience.

Versa Trim’s IP67 rating protects this light from dust ingress and temporary immersion in one meter of water or less. The versatility of application makes this a great accent lighting solution. Use it under gunnels, storage compartments, toe kicks, bar tops, tables, seating, consoles, and flooring.

Mini Versa Trim

 Mini versa trim LED strip light.

Mini Versa Trim offers accent lighting that creates a small, narrow LED glow for interior and exterior use. This marine LED lighting solution is available in warm, white, natural white, cool white, red, green, and blue options.

The Mini Versa Trim LED light creates a unique atmosphere, and even makes it easy to find your cooler and fishing accessories. This light offers added convenience for your customer when installed in storage compartments, consoles, and flooring.

The light is both UV and salt spray compliant and can be installed on the exterior or interior of any boat. Add it under gunnels, in storage compartments, or to toe kicks, bar tops, tables, seating, consoles, and flooring.

Increase the value, safety, and convenience of your customer’s boating experience. Vista’s marine LED lighting products give your company a competitive advantage. We offer lighting solutions that help you attract new customers.

Have questions about the product that best fits your project needs? Would you like to discuss a custom lighting solution? Our professional team of engineers is ready to help you find what you need.

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