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Vista Gateway: 5 Key Benefits

Vista Gateway: 5 Key Benefits

luxury yacht interior

Your customers are no longer satisfied with run-of-the-mill features. Instead, they’re looking for technology they can control and customize in one place whenever possible; marine lighting is no exception.

Research shows that giving customers streamlined control over just about everything translates to better sales. So, we’ve developed a marine lighting interface to do just that — helping you make your buyers happy and win in the marketplace.

Vista Gateway, our NMEA2000 lighting interface, is an innovative and cost-effective solution that lets marine manufacturers offer customers master control over their boat lighting. Read on to learn about Vista Gateway’s five key benefits:

1. Streamline master lighting control.

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Like most people, your buyers probably prefer things that are not only familiar but also easy to use and understand. With Vista Gateway, you can help customers streamline and control their marine lighting with your supplied multi-function touchscreen display.

This touchscreen display will make it more intuitive (and fun) for them to use as they learn how to program and customize their boat’s lighting controls with support from Vista Gateway.

2. Get six independent light outputs.

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While other marine lighting interfaces have one to four light outputs, Vista Gateway has a six-channel capacity thanks to its six independent Amphenol AT series connectors. Each of the six outputs can be independently controlled.

Every light output is currently RGB supported—with RGBW coming soon, and your customers can program colors and brightness for each individual light. That means they don’t have to settle for one color and brightness if they want even more customization.

3. Offer cutting-edge technology.

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With six light outputs, Vista Gateway will give your customers the controllability they’re looking for. Some of the cutting-edge technology you can offer them includes fading, strobing, and exclusive control.

Your customers will also love being able to integrate their marine LED lighting with devices like Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, Lowrance, and B&G.

4. Eliminate design and compatibility challenges.

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For many manufacturers, finding a convenient and cost-effective solution for master light control has created major design and compatibility challenges. But with Vista Gateway’s non-proprietary, six-channel capacity, you don’t have to worry about functionality issues. 

Vista Gateway offers above-water RGB accent lighting for boat interiors, as well as marine LED courtesy lights to illuminate walkways, entryways, and bait wells. Your customers will be able to move around your watercraft safely and easily, all while enjoying pleasantly designed lighting.

5. Enjoy easy installation.

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You and your customers will appreciate how simple and straightforward Vista Gateway is to install for any marine application.

Vista Gateway is compatible with NMEA drop cables, and you only need the following supplies for installation:

  • Power wiring (see installation instructions for fuse, wire, and terminal specifications) 
  • One Amphenol AT04-6S-KIT01 per light connector 
  • Four mounting screws

Watch the video to see Vista Gateway’s color-changing capabilities:

With Vista Gateway’s marine lighting interface, you can offer your customers master lighting control, six independent light outputs, cutting-edge technology, and intuitive functionality — all while keeping your costs down and enjoying simple installation.

By working with an expert marine lighting manufacturer, you can find an innovative, customizable solution for master lighting control without having to worry about design challenges or your brand’s reputation.

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Since 1971, Vista has helped manufacturers gain a competitive advantage by merging quality and innovative lighting products with cost-effective pricing and on-time delivery. To learn more, please contact us or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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