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Project Coordinator

lead project manner at computer

Project Coordinator

Role Purpose

The Project Coordinator reports to the Engineering Manager and leads the effort to plan and execute product development projects to provide solutions for our customers and support product sales in each of our markets. The Project Coordinator interacts with all departments and coordinates all tasks to meet required timelines and ensure efficient product development cycles. This position is responsible to adhere to the Vista Quality Management System.


  • Associate degree in business administration, engineering, or experience in a manufacturing environment preferred
  • Project management in a manufacturing environment preferred
  • Basic understanding of project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices
  • Highly organized and analytical
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to motivate cross functional teams toward efficient and excellent product development
  • Motivational and leadership abilities
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at various levels of completion
  • Technical aptitude and experience, preferably electronics
  • Exhibits Vista Core Competencies

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a detailed project plan and schedule from conception to launch for projects related to product development, enhancement, revision, or change.
  • Manage the project through every stage, ensuring the execution of every stage gate and task to meet the required project on-time goal.
  • Be engaged in the full process from beginning to end, understand the changing needs, opportunities and challenges of the project and lead the team to adjust as required.
  • Be available, flexible, and responsive to all involved in the product development process.
  • Predict and manage resources needed to reach objectives in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Develop project proposals, gathering important data to determine the viability of the project and estimate Net Present Value or Payback for management accept/reject decision.
  • Prepare and track a budget based on scope of work and resource requirements with a goal of meeting the budget on each project.
  • Ensure all projects meet the projected required return on investment and profit margins.
  • Provide periodic project updates to stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress.
  • Collect data on completed projects such as development hours, tooling costs, and prototyping costs to report on the project’s actual financial results.
  • Work with the Leadership team to ensure proper priorities are set for all projects.
  • Provide reports and metrics to gauge project management effectiveness.
  • Follow all requirements to support Vista Quality Objectives.

If deficient in any area of responsibility, appropriate training will be implemented, and successful completion evaluated. The above items are not an exhaustive description, and additional duties may be required.

VISTA takes great pride in our quality products, dependable teams, core values and mission statement. If you are interested in working for a solid, reputable company that values you, please complete your application below. Only qualified and serious candidates will be considered.

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