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What are addressable RGB LEDs?

an addressable RGB LED strip with multiple colors

What are addressable RGB LEDs?

an addressable RGB LED strip with multiple colors

More consumers than ever before want (or even expect) their lighting to be controllable and customizable. And while it’s easy to underestimate the buying influence that controllable lighting can have during a sale, the best manufacturers know that making this personal technology available to customers may help them gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

However, you can enhance your buyers’ experiences with innovative technology and controllability is by offering them addressable RGB lighting. Below, we’ll explain what addressable RGB LEDs are, how they differ from traditional RGB LEDs, and how your customers can use them in a variety of applications.

What are addressable RGB LEDs?

An addressable RGB lighting strip lets users control every single LED individually. In fact, each RGB cluster in an LED strip can have a unique color combination and display multiple colors at the same time. The whole addressable strip is programmable and customizable to fit your customers’ needs and preferences, offering them the on-demand lighting control they’re looking for.

How do they work?

LED lighting strips consist of the following parts:

  • Integrated circuit chips
  • LEDs
  • A power source
  • A controller (like a preset or custom module)

Here’s how addressable RGB LEDs work:

  • When the power source is on, a direct current flows to the LEDs, which lights them on default settings.
  • Next, a command is put into the controller or module to create an effect on the LEDs the user wants to control on the strip.
  • Then, the controller relays a signal to the integrated circuit chips on those LEDs.
  • The circuit chips execute the command (and the lighting effect) either instantly or in timed intervals, based on preference.

Why choose addressable lighting?

Addressable RGB LEDs give you (and your customers) dynamic control over your lighting. With precise scrolling and blinking effects, these lighting strips offer the ability to impress guests, highlight an accent piece, or simply bring fun and exciting lights into a space. Plus, addressable LEDs work for a variety of applications, which we’ll discuss below.

How do addressables differ from traditional RGB LEDs?

With regular (three-channel) RGB LEDs, every light will be the same color because of the way they’re wired. Your customers won’t be able to have any unique lighting effects with traditional RGBs, as the entire strip must be on or off — and the only command they can carry out is dimming the LEDs. In a nutshell, addressable RGB LEDs offer users much more controllability and customization than their non-addressable counterparts. 

How can my customers use addressable lighting?

Addressable RGB LEDs are great choices for interior and exterior applications like appliances, architecture, marine, and more. Their UV and salt spray compliance makes them especially useful for anyone looking to make their watercraft stand out with cutting-edge lighting technology.

Buyers are looking for controllability and innovation in just about everything these days; lighting is no exception. By offering your customers addressable RGB LEDs, you can enhance their experience with quality lighting products and even gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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