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The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth-Enabled Lighting

The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth-Enabled Lighting

Bluetooth-Enabled Controller

Bluetooth® lighting is on track to become the new standard in just about every industry. However, many manufacturers underestimate the buying influence that controllable lighting can have during a sale. Brands that don’t offer this type of personal technology may struggle to increase or even maintain market share.

This is why many industrial designers and engineers are commonly tasked with finding innovative or unique lighting solutions. In this article, we’ve outlined the advantages of giving customers the lighting control they want with Bluetooth on Flexi-Tape, Bluetooth-enabled Switch, and Mini-Module—all controlled through the Vista Connect App.

Here are four advantages of Bluetooth-enabled lighting that will make planning your next project easier.

1. Placement, Ease of Use, and Durability

Bluetooth-enabled LED tape lights (also known as flexi-tape or strip lights) are innovative lighting solutions that can be placed just about anywhere and can operate without the use of WiFi, hotspot, or data.

Many Bluetooth-enabled strip lights and controllers incorporate enclosures to protect components with various IP Ratings, providing a highly adaptable lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Additionally, with the use of the Vista Connect app, consumers can synchronize their RGB lighting with songs and choose from over 16 million colors—all from the palm of their hands.

2. Streamlined Installation

Bluetooth on Flexi-Tape is an app-enabled flexible light strip with a built-in controller that allows users to completely customize their RGB lights. This new, patented flexi-tape solution only requires a two-wire installation—unlike the need for additional wiring when using a standard external controller.

3. Existing Lighting Integration

Many OEs choose to utilize a standalone, water-tight Bluetooth controller that integrates with existing lighting products. This allows for the upgrade of a current product with a unique controller that can be hidden from view. 

The Bluetooth Mini-Module lets users customize their RGB lights and is compatible with 12V RGB LED lighting. This slim, compact mini-module is easy to fit into applications with limited space. This lighting solution makes use of the Vista Connect app—which can be customized using unique brand elements.

4. Full Control

The Bluetooth with Switch is a robust, manual Bluetooth controller with an associated switch that allows control with or without the Vista Connect app. It works with 12V RGB LED lights, and a two-way rocker switch allows for complete brightness and color control.

Vista’s new Bluetooth-enabled lighting products allow you to easily offer your customer the lighting control they want. These Bluetooth solutions can be used to exceed your customers’ expectations in any market including vehicular, RV, and marine.

If you have any questions regarding which product best fits your project needs or would like to discuss a custom lighting solution, please contact us.

When you choose Vista as your lighting partner, you’re adding the expertise of our lighting professionals, engineers, and designers to your team!


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